How To Access Freeaire Cooler Controller

How To Access Freeaire Cooler Controller

Looking for a way to access your cool without the help of a service provider? This article will show you how to access Freeaire Cooler Controller in a variety of ways. But first, what is a freeaire controller?

A Freeaire cooler controller is a wireless device that can turn the unit of a freezer, refrigerator, or cooler on and off automatically when connected. 

A Freeaire cooler controller doesn't only turn on and off units; it also helps to regulate the temperature inside a refrigerator. It is possible, with the help of a sensor, to monitor the refrigerator's temperature and then deactivate or activate the cooling elements required to maintain the set temperature.

A Freeaire cooler controller can be accessed either through an app, a website, or by simply scanning a QR code. The most interesting part about this device is that it can be controlled from anywhere through the various means listed above.

How To Access Freeaire Cooler Controller

Accessing a Freeaire cooler controller can be really confusing if you’re using it for the first time. Nevertheless, consider the steps listed below as a guide to help you learn how to access the Freeaire cooler controller.

How To Access Freeaire Cooler Controller

Method 1.

  • Find the controller for your air cooler, which is usually located close to the cooler itself.
  • After finding the controller, locate the switch or knob that controls the air flow.
  • After finding the air flow controller, you can proceed to adjust it to your desired settings.Finally
  • turn on the air cooler by pressing the power button.
  • You should be able to get the most out of your air cooler with these steps.

2. LOGIN Through The Website

Most freeaire unit controllers can be accessed from your home computer. This option did make it easier and more convenient for its users to be able to view temperature settings from anywhere.

With your computer or mobile device, there's no need for you to manually change any settings for your cooler. All you have to do is to login through the website and adjust them online when the need arises.

Note that a good internet connection is needed for online access. There might be some problems while trying to use a mobile device to access this due to the fact that mobile devices don't have sufficient bandwidth. In order to get through this, go through the incognito mode but first clear your cache.

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3. How to Access Freeaire Cooler Controller by Wireless Controllers 

Purchasing a wireless controller is the best option if you're not willing to deal with a remote. You can control your device from a distance, indoors or outdoors, with this device in hand.

You might want to give it a try while considering the level of comfort it offers. You can get it at any home improvement retailer or online. The price of a wireless controller varies depending on its features.

The Titan Controls are one of the best you could think of. It has an LCD screen that displays temperature and other data. It also has an integrated light sensor that turns off in bright light and on in dim light. With it, you can also swiftly change temperature settings without needing to use your machine's control. 

While choosing a wireless controller is that they can be very pricey. A T-Control wireless controller Prices range from $199 to $599.

4. How to Access Freeaire Cooler Controller - By Updating the system’s firmware

A laptop with an Ethernet connector will be needed to update the firmware on a Freeaire cooler. Ideally, a built-in USB-to-ethernet adapter would be preferred to save the cost of purchasing an additional adaptor.

When Should I Update My System Firmware?

Knowing when to update your system firmware is quite easy. When your software requests to connect using an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi at some point during setup, that's when firmware should be updated.

5. Install An Application.

Another easy way to access a Freeaire cooler controller is through a phone app. CFX35 is one such app. It will connect with your house wi-fi router and you will be able to control it with any mobile device or web browser. 

The CFX35 is supported by Android version 4.1 and above. All you have to do to get it running is to download it on your device from any app store supported by your device and follow the instructions stated to connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Freeaire Cooler Controller?

There are lots of benefits attached to using a Freeaire cooler controller, and here are some of them listed below.

1. Saves Energy:

The function of activating the cooling elements when necessary helps to save energy and reduce the total energy consumption of your refrigerator or your cooler. If you do the math accurately, you'll find out that this can lead to lower energy bills.

2. Increased Life Expectancy.

A Freeaire cooler controller can help extend the life span of the appliances it's connected to and also prevent the need for repair. By regulating the temperature inside the appliances, they can help prevent damage caused by excessive cold or heat.

3. It saves money.

A Freeaire cooler controller that helps to reduce the consumption of energy and also increase the lifespan of your appliances has also indirectly helped you to save some cash, which would have been spent on extra energy consumed or on repair if a Freeaire cooler controller wasn't available.

How To Save Money By Using A Freeaire Cooler Controller.

High energy bills could be annoying sometimes, but here are some ways in which you could cut costs for your cooler energy consumption by using a Freeaire cooler controller.

1.Set The Temperature

Setting the temperature on your controller is the first step in saving money while using a Freeaire cooler controller. Setting it will enable your cooler to run only when necessary, which will consume less energy.

2. Know when to open and close the vents.

This is one common mistake people make and pay little or no attention to. It's important that you know when to close and open the vents while using your cooler. Here's a little tip.

When it's hot during the day, ensure you keep the vent closed to avoid cool air escaping. When cool air escapes when the temperature is hot, attaining your desired room temperature will be a difficult task since the air is escaping. This will require your cooler to run for a longer time to attain the desired temperature (remember, more energy consumption equals more energy bill). 

However, if the temperature outside is cooler, you can gladly open the vents to help circulate the air and as well prevent the formation of condensation.

3. Keep the coils clean.

As it sounds, a clean coil works smoothly when turned on, but a dirty coin will have to work harder in order to cool the air and use more energy to operate.

4. Use a fan.

Using a fan alongside your cooler can help boost efficiency by circulating the cool air. There won't be a need for the cooler to work hard to attain or maintain a comfortable temperature.

What to do if you can't access your Freeaire Cooler Controller

If you're still finding it difficult to access your Freeaire cooler controller after attempting the 5 procedures stated above, here's a little something to help you out.

1.Configure your controller settings

Some basic configuration steps are needed before your Freeaire cooler will be ready for use. First you'll need to find out which version of the controller you have and what network it’s attached to. 

Generally, there are two major types of controllers: one connected directly using an Ethernet cable and another using a Wi-Fi connection. The Ethernet version demands that you specify an IP address, while Wi-Fi allows you to have free access within your home or business.

2.Upgrade your controller.

Upgrading your controller will help you if you can't find your model in your device database. Modern controllers have been developed with built-in firmware that tells them how to communicate with an app.


Accessing a Freeaire cooler controller is easy. All that is needed is for you to follow the stated guide above.

If you still find it hard to access your Freeaire cooler controller after reading this at the end of the day, kindly contact your HVAC technician about other options.

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