How To Recharge A Disposable Vape Pen

How To Recharge A Disposable Vape Pen

This article contains full details on how to recharge disposable vape pen and other educative details concerning disposable vape pen. 

The numbers of smokers in the last years (world wide) has increased to 1.3 billion  people according to WHO. This has triggered alot of law been enforced to ensure the rate of smokers I'd been reduced. Whether you're a transitioning ex-smoker or an ex smoker, disposable electronic cigarette is being preferred my most smokers for many reasons which include it's easy to use versatility and flavours.

Before now disposable vapes were only familiar to it's consumers because of it's multi-flavor and prefilled attributes but today there have been alot of transition. Disposable electronic cigarettes now comes in handy with features such as Large-puff disposable electronic cigarette, mesh coil disposable vape, rechargable disposable vape, RGB light disposable vapes and airflow adjustable disposable vapes.

Gradually, all age groups (excluding infant, toddlers and children) are now consumers of disposable electronic cigarettes. Older age adults uses disposable electronic-cigarettes mainly because they want to reduce their cigarette addiction by ingesting high levels of nicotine while teenagers think of it as a fashion and a better way of self expression.

 It's now common among high school students would not think of to give traditional cigarette a trial but most of them are willing to try an electric cigarette without giving a second thought on it's contents due to the fact that e-cigarettes high tech look and are now more discrete.

"Advertising brings the horse to water, flavors is what gets them to drink, and nicotine is what keeps them coming back", says Brian King,

How To Recharge A Disposable Vape Pen

Disposable Vape Pen as the name implies do not include a built-in charging port for it's users which means there isn't a charger made for recharging disposable pen.

To recharge a disposable Vape Pen you'll get a low-voltage charger that has a USB port (using a USB type C is also acceptable) and a pair of scissors. Once you have the right charger in hand, take a pair of scissors and snip off the end of the charger just below the adapter that plugs into your phone or other devices.

Procedures On How To Recharge A Disposable Vape Pen

1. Get your scissors and cut of the other end of your USB cord that plugs into your phone and you'll either find two wires (red and black) or four (black, red, green and white) if you're using a lightning cable. The green and white wires found in the cable can be ignored.

2. Get your scissors and cut off the button of your disposable vape, you'll find a black and red wire attached to a metal tab but in most cases it's black, red and blue (neglect the blue wire).

3. Get hold of your USB cable and attach it's red wire to the metal tab where the red wire of the vape pen is already attached and so same for the black wire.

4. Plug your USB cable to the wall and watch your disposable vape pen charger.

How To Recharge A Disposable Vape Pen 2

Another way which is the easiest way of getting your vape pen recharged is by switching it's tanks. Head straight to the nearest shop and purchase a recharge vape pen and purchase one, recharge it and switch it's tank with a disposable vape pen.

What Is The History Of Disposable Electronic Cigarettes? 

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes was first invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik who was struggling with smoking cessation in 2003. The disposable e-cigarette was an outstanding solution to smokers who where struggling with quiting traditional cigarette. Disposable e-cigarette created a discreet way to consume nicotine without burning and a liquid solution without the toxic, foreign chemicals prevalent in cigarette products.

In 2004, a year after Hon's invention his employers Ruyan Company invested in his idea which lead to the manufacture of the first modern day E-cigarette. Hon's device was a big hit in the Chinese market which later found its way to neighboring countries before setting sail to Europe and the United States in 2007.

Before Hon's invention, Dr Norman Jacobson had earlier invented a form of e-cigarette in 1979 which was called the Favor Cigarette. Dr Normans device works similarly to the modern day e-cigarette. The device gave it's consumers a way to inhale nicotine without combustion.

How Do Disposable Electronic Cigarette Works?

Disposable Electronic Cigarette works simply by turning a liquid (E-Liquid) containing nicotine into vapour without combustion for it to be inhaled. The E-Liquid which is been transformed consist of VG (Vegetable glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol) alongside its flavourings and nicotine added. 

E-cigarette contains a large amount of nicotine and every other ingredients used for vape juice must be food save and is well regulated in the United Kingdom to ensure the safety of it's consumers. Although there a few numbers of E-Liquids that contains zero nicotine.

 Despite performing same task, e-cigarette devices have a slight mechanism difference. For some you'll have to inhale to activate it while for others you'll press a button to fire the device. Immediately after the devices has been fired up, an electrical current passes through the heating element to help vapourise the E-Liquid in the vape after which it the passes up through an atomizer and mouthpiece for it to be inhaled.

You might feel a different vaping experience while using different E-cigarette, this is as a result of the variables the device is working with which includes airflow, air intake,wattage resistance and lots more.

Vape devices with low resistance and higher wattage produces stronger flavours and bigger clouds because there vapourise more E-Liquid in one puff but devices with tighter airflow has a very low/restricted draw which provides a similar sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes.

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

The durability of a disposable vape is determined solely by its puff counts. The puff count of any disposable vape pen is determined by its battery capacity and its tank capability (unit of E-Liquids contained).

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