How To Open Acura Key Fob

How To Open Acura Key Fob

Car key fobs could cause you a little stress mostly when it's faulty. One of the major problems key fobs encounter is a dying battery. If that's what you're experiencing right now this article will guild you through on how to open Acura Key fob in order for you to get your key fobs battery changed within minutes.

Please note that the steps in opening an Acura Key fob differs depending on the type of Acura Key fobs you're Using.

How To Open Acura Key Fob

There are mainly two kind of Key Fob remote for Acura cars, Keyless Fob remote and Smart Key Fob. Below is the step by step guild to help you open either one of them.

How To Replace The Battery In An Acura Keyless Fob Remote

Replacing an Acura Keyless remote battery is much more easier as anyone would think but opening the fob key is the hardest part most people won't want to give a try. Here's some simple steps to guild you through.
  • First you'll need to remove the metal blade key at the top.
  • Get a flat-head screwdriver and use it to gently pry open the fob.
  • Gently remove the two batteries on it.
  • Insert the new batteries on the key fob
  • Snap back together the two halves of the Acura key fob. 
  • Ensure both halves of the fob are well closed to ensure the batteries get the pressure they need to make contact with the fob.

How To Replace The Battery In An Acura Smart Key Fob

Replacing the batteries of an Acura Smart Key fob is as easy as an Acura Keyless fob. The smart key of an Acura was designed with the convenience of it's users in mind. Here's a step by step guild on how to get it done.
  • Press the release tab button on the front of the fob to release the emergency key from the bottom
  • Use the emergency key to open the key fob through the opening the metal key came out of by prying it again the metal piece at the middle.
  • Remove the old battery out gently by poping it out with a small screwdriver.
  • Insert your new battery.
  • Ensure the positive side of the battery is facing up.
  • Press the battery to the fob and you'll hear a click which signifies it's closed.
  • Snap both halves of the fob together
  • Insert the emergency key into it's slot.
With all these steps listed above I believe you'll be able to open your Acura Fob when ever there's a need to change it's battery. Here's some FAQ and answers you should also take a good look at.


Why Does My Key Remote Not Working

The most commonly reason why a key remote would stop working is a faulty/bad battery. When the battery in your key fob is bad, it won't be able to send signals to the Car's keyless entry system. Sometimes you might experience this inconvenience even after changing your fob battery. In such case do well to visit your service provider to check it out for you.It could be that your key fob has been reset during the process of changing it's battery. Kindly note that you can always use the emergency key fob to open your car and start the ignition.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Acura Key Fob

The price range varies depending on the model and the year produced. Older Acura car keys are cheap when compared to recently produced models. You can check on Walmart and Amazon for current prices.
when considering purchasing a new Acura key fob, kindly note that Some models requires re-flash or a new immo box.

How Can I Programm My Acura MDX Key Fob

How To Open Acura Key Fob
  • All you have to do to get your Acura MDX key fob programmed is to follow the steps listed below.
  • First you'll have to get in your MDX and sit in the driver's seat with your key fob in your hand. Ensure all doors, windows, and trunks are properly closed.
  • With the remote still in your hand, turn the key in the ignition to the on position with two clicks to the right, then turn it once to the left position once to turn on your car properly. The next steps require quick action.
  • To get your key fob programmed, begin by pressing the unlock or lock button just once. Ensure you're pointing the remote at the keyless receiver unit each time you press any of its buttons.
  • After you've pressed the keyless remote button, turn the key in the car's ignition to the off position and back to the on position within four seconds. 
  • Press the Unlock or Lock button on the keyless remote again. Repeat this step for the third and final time to get the programing process completed.
After repeating the cycle for the third time, you'll need to test your key fob to confirm if it worked. To test it, press a button on your key fob while pointing it to your keyless receiver unit and wait for the sound of your car doors unlocking or locking. Your Acura MDX key fob has been successfully programmed. 

Also remember that you can sync up to three remotes to your receiver. All you have to do is just press a button on either remote you want to sync to your car and hold on for the MDX's locks to respond to each device before you proceed to the next. After that, all you have to do is turn the ignition key back off and enjoy the keyless features of your MDX.
If you find this whole step complicated, you can also contact a locksmith close by to help you out with the setup.

How Do You Use the Acura Key Fob?

The Acura key fob comes with a lot of functions, which makes driving a little bit stress free. Here are some of these functions:
  • Folding of power side mirrors
  • locks and unlocks doors.
  • Headlight time delay
  • Panic
  • Opening and closing windows
  • Auto Walk Away Lock
  • Opening the trunk

Should You Get a Replacement Key Fob for Acura? 

It's expected that you'll be handed a key fob when you buy your Acura car. Be rest assured that these remotes weren't made to last forever. If you're having some difficulty with it, like they're not being able to close or open your car doors anymore, except you have to hold them real close to the sensor. 
Don't rush out to get a new one; a dead battery could be the cause. All you need to do is get it changed straight away with the few steps listed above.

What battery goes in my Acura key?

The type of battery for your key fob depends on the type of key fob you're using. The most common batteries used by Acura key fobs are 3v coin batteries like the CR1616, CR2032, and CR2025.

What can I do if I’ve lost all of my car keys?

With the help of an automotive locksmith or your local car dealership, you can easily replace your car key fob if it's been stolen, broken, or lost. They can cut a new car key fob and program it for your car. 

How do I know if my car has a transponder chip inside?

You can stop by a hardware store, an automotive locksmith shop, or a car dealership to find out if there's a transponder chip in your key. If you have a spare key which you have made from a blank, you can also use it to find out if your car has a transponder chip. 
Your spare key should be able to open the doors and the trunk, but if it fails to start your car, it simply means your vehicle needs a chip to start. While trying this process, ensure the key you know works isn't inside the car. There might be a signal transmission between the key and the transponder chip in the car. 

How do I know if my vehicle has a keyless entry system?

If you had or have purchased a vehicle without a keyless fob, you can visit any car dealership to help you verify if it's a keyless entry system with the help of the vehicle identification number (VIN).

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