How To Find My Friends For iphone And Android

To Find My Friends Android And iPhone

There are lots of mobile tracking apps on the internet today due to the rising number of app developers we've got around, but "Find My Friend" is currently making waves for being mobile-friendly and very easy to navigate through. 

The Find my Friend app is a combination of both "Find My iPhone" and "Find My Friend". It was developed for iOS devices by Apple Inc. The app allows a person previously approved by a user who also has an Apple device to access his or her GPS location on the user's Apple mobile device. 

The app has helped hundreds of its users track friends, family, children, and even employees without them being notified of the action. The app also supports its users being tracked by an iOS device user who has been previously approved.

The Find My Friends app has a maximum number of 100 trackers, which is definitely more than enough for a single user. One interesting feature about the app is that the tracker could also get notifications when the user arrives or leaves a new location.

All these actions are determined using the GPS on the iOS device only when location services are turned on. A modified version of the app allows notifications to pop up when a user requests a tracker to know where they are. Have it in mind that this feature can be turned off and on at anytime.

The Find My Friends app is synchronized with other apps on its users' devices, such as contacts and Google maps.

How To Track Friends Using An iPhone Or Android

Find My Friends has become a norm for iPhone users since its release in October 2011. It is currently one of the most convenient ways for iOS users to share their locations with friends. If you ever feel lost or want to get in touch with your peers, you can use this app to notify them and, as well, use it to create a route for all to meetup in a new or selected location. 

  • Let me walk you through how to use "Find My Friends" on the iPhone.
  • First, you'll have to launch the Find My Friends app from your home screen on your device.
  • Click on "Add Friends."
  • Select a contact name from your contact list. Note that you can select several contacts on your list here.
  • Click on "Send."

You've successfully added the number of users that can track you. 

To share your location with friends, 

  • launch the app.
  • Click on "Me." 
  • Ensure to switch your "Share My Location" on.

Can Find My Friends connect iPhones and Androids?

The Find My Friends app can't connect Android and iOS users together, despite both of them having an app called Find My Friend. Find My Friends is only available on the iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPod, as well as on Windows.

Can You Track An iPhone With An Android Phone?

Yes, it's possible to track an iPhone with an Android phone with the help of Google Map location. All you have to do is to share your location using the location sharing feature on your Google Maps location app. Here are some steps to guide you through it. On your phone,

  • Click on the location sharing button found in the top left corner.
  • Click on the "add" button and select the duration you'd like to share your location.
  • Send the invitation to the user you want to share your location with as a text message by entering their number.

Can You Tell When Someone Is Checking Your location?

No, you can't tell or be notified when someone is spying or tracking your location. The Find My Friends app doesn't notify its users when they've been checked on or tracked. If you're feeling too insecure about someone checking on your location, make sure to stop sharing your location via the app. This way, no one will be able to see it anymore.

Best Apps for Finding My Friends on Android and iPhone

It's obvious that in the world of smart phones we have iPhone fanatics and Android geeks, but what happens when there's a need for both parties to keep track of their real-time location. 

That's where the assistance of a third party comes in, but recall that not all mobile tracking apps are cross-platform apps for finding friends. Well, you don't have to ask anymore, as we are going to be discussing two mobile-friendly tracking apps that are compatible with both the iPhone and Android.

 1. Familio

Find my Friends free app

Familo is rated as one of the best working "Find Friends" apps. All it requires for registration is your mobile number. You don't need a username or Facebook to enable you to use this app. To get connected with friends, you'll have to create a group after signing up and invite others. You'll get details of their location at any time after they've approved your request.

Familo Features:

  • It supports individual chats with family and friends as well as multiple groups.
  • The app can be used anonymously.
  • Panic button for shearing location in case of emergency.
  • Your location is updated automatically even when the app isn't open on your phone.
  • Voice messages are available for chat with ground members.
  • Images, messages, and locations can be sent to group members.
  • Low battery consumption
  • Each user decides who can view their location.

2. Glympse

Find My Friends free app

One of Glympse's most unique features is that it doesn't even require you to sign up before you start using its services. Glympse makes use of your mobile device's GPS to let you share your location with anyone you want to. You can decide to share your location via the web for a limited time.
Sharing your location with someone is called "sending a Glympse". A Glympse can be sent out as a link via third party apps like email, text message, Whatsapp, or even on Twitter and Facebook. Recipients can click on the Glympse to see your location if their device is web-enabled.
When using Glympse, you need not worry if the recipient has the app installed on their device or has a registered account. Just download the app and send a Glympse to your contacts indicating the duration you want your location to be available.

Glympse only lasts for a maximum of four hours, which means friends and family can only view your location for the period stated in your Glympse (four hours at most) after which it expires. Glympse is not an option for parents who want to keep a check on their children.
There are hundreds of other Find Friends apps you can find on the app store. Some of them might entice you with their nice features, but you can't enjoy them maximally on a free version, while others aren't compatible for both iPhone and Android users. 

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