How To Recharge Ring Doorbell

How To Recharge Ring Doorbell

Nobody moves into a modern house these days without a ring doorbell, except the new tenant or home owner has the intention of getting one sooner (just joking). The Ring doorbell has gained recognition over the last few years, and its popularity has been driving new customers when considering it's capability and the ease it gives you to identify your visitors when compared to the old fashioned way of walking down to the front door to check who's at the door.

One of Ring Doorbell's most interesting features is its ability to detect motion up to 30 feet away. When it senses motion, the camera activates automatically and starts recording a visual record of the environment.

With the aid of a Ring doorbell, you can tell if it's your neighbor or the delivery guy that's at the door through the video footage. I guess that's interesting, right? But one thing you should always watch out for is that the Ring doorbell requires a bit of electrical power to keep it running.

How To Recharge Ring Doorbell

The most suitable way to recharge your Ring doorbell is to hardwire it to the power of your home, which will power it on a daily basis, but if you choose to recharge your Ring doorbell manually, here are a few steps on how to get it done.

1. Take out the screws

Check for screws holding the Ring's faceplate at the bottom of the doorbell's mouth and unscrew them all out.

2. Remove Faceplate

After unscrewing, separate the faceplate from the rest of the doorbell.

If you're using the original Ring doorbell, you'll find only one screw at the bottom of the doorbell as described in the first step, and you will have to remove the entire doorbell from the wall mount and not just the faceplate as described in the second step. Once you've successfully removed the face plate, you'll see the battery inside the Ring doorbell.

3. Take out the battery 

Getting the battery out of the device is quite easy, as anyone would expect. To get this done, you'll have to press the tab to enable you to remove the battery.

Use your middle finger and your thumb to bring the battery out while one of your index fingers is pressed on the tab (you'll find the tab towards the top of the battery).

4. Recharge Ring Doorbell

Check out for a USB in the doorbell kit, but if you can't find one, you can pick any available USB to plug your battery into the wall or any USB port. Have it in mind that if plugged directly into the wall, your battery will charge faster when compared to using a USB port.

It takes several hours for the Ring Doorbell battery to be fully charged. You'll have to exercise patience while charging.

5. Slide Back

When your battery is fully charged, slide it back into the device until you hear the tab snap. Don't be in a hurry to fix the faceplate. Try switching on your doorbell to confirm if your battery is well fixed. If no, then watch out for possible mistakes and if yes, head on to the next step.

6. Attach the Face Plate 

You must be familiar with this process already. Fix the faceplate back appropriately and screw back gently.

7. Well-done

You've successfully recharged your Ring Doorbell. I guess the process wasn't complicated, was it?

What You Need To Know About Ring Doorbell

I guess you must be thinking "how does this whole thing work?" Well, all thanks to the internet, its aid has helped solve a lot of human problems.

Here's the whole thing. After installation, the doorbell is hooked up with your home's Wi-Fi network to enable it to transmit video footage and other necessary information to its app, which you will be asked to download to complete the setup.

Once the doorbell posts any data on the app, you will be able to see it from anywhere you are if you have a good internet connection.

Even if you missed a notification due to a poor internet connection, you can always go back to the app's history to see what you might have missed with an accurate date and time attached.

There is a lot more that you can do on the app. For example, you can get useful information from Ring doorbell app users around your neighborhood. Information like power outages, crimes, and even lost pets if they happen nearby.





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