5 Reasons Why Google Keeps Rejection Your Adsense Requests


Getting Google Adsense approval is becoming annoying to new bloggers these days, probably because they are still working with the old criteria needed for one to get his/her blog approved to publish ads or they are not aware of some underestimated factors, which might be the reason behind the constant rejections they keep receiving after signing up for Google Ads.

If you're reading this, then you're on the right track to finding out what must be put in place on your blog for you to get adsense approval cheaply. 

1. Theme

A theme is one important aspect of blogging, although there are hundreds of catchy themes that have been designed that might look pleasing to you but aren't pleasing to Google simply because they're not responsive.

Always look for themes that are easy to navigate, user-friendly, load fast and also well arranged for easy understanding. If you're not sure which theme to use while applying for adsense approval, here's a list of themes that can help you out.

  • Marigold
  • EasyMag
  • Sora One
  • TechPro
  • NewsPaper
  • MagOne
  • Robusta
  • Enside


2. Disclaimer/About Us/Privacy Policy/Contact Us

This might sound funny to newbies, but the truth is that these are pages that Google looks up while crawling your site for adsense approval. These pages tell your visitors more about your website without having them send you an e-mail first.

Your domain name and blog content don't always say much about your blog, but instead your About Us page does, while the Disclaimer gives a statement, a legal statement that warns users to act on your content at their own risk. Your blog's privacy policy explains to users how your blog collects and uses personal information.

I believe you must have seen why it's so important for every blog to have each of these pages before applying for adsense.

3. Content Policy Violation

As a blogger, you're entitled to dive into any niche you think best suits you, but be aware that there are contents that violate Google's policy and if any of such contents are found on your blog, your request will surely be rejected.

4. Content

This is the most important requirement that must be put in place before requesting AdSense approval. Before now, bloggers would get their requests approved after publishing the required amount of content. Unfortunately for newbies, what Google is looking out for is good quality content. Contents that will give your readers more reason to visit your blog another time.

If you do research, you will find other bloggers advising newbies to write content with over 1200 words. Well, that is good, but if they are not rich in value, it is worthless when considering adsense approval.

5. Traffic

Your traffic source is also as important as anything else. If you're engaged in paid-to-click programs, you will definitely be flagged off for adsense approval. Always ensure to gain organic traffic by learning more about SEO.


Image quality should be taken seriously as well, and you should also do well to stay away from images with watermarks and plagiarism.

Even if your blog has been approved to publish ads, Google still conducts backup checks on all websites that publish ads, and if you're found to be in violation of their policies, you can expect to lose your adsense account.Thank you.

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