How To Turn On Heater In Car

How To Turn On Heater In Car

If there's one thing cold climates always remind car owners of, it is the need to turn on the heater in their cars. Turning on car heaters always helps to keep the temperature inside the car warm while driving, despite the degree of cold outside. It also helps to keep your windscreen (windshield) clear of frost and ice in order for you to see clearly. 

Modern automobile manufacturers are always ensuring that each design and model of vehicle they produce provides a good user experience for their customers by providing certain features like heating, air filtration, entertainment and many more. 

How To Turn On Heater In Car

However, a lot of people might experience a little difficulty while trying to utilize certain functions of their car. For those finding it hard to figure out  How To Turn On Heater In Car, this article will guide you through to get it done within a short time using these 3 steps. 

  • Engine on
  • Set the desired temperature.
  • Turn on the fan speed.

How To Turn On Heater In Car Step 1: Engine On

The first step to getting you started on how to turn on the heater in a car is to start the car's engine, regardless of whether it operates with a button or key, but first, ensure that all doors and windows are locked. This will prevent the heat inside the car from escaping. 

Starting the car's engine will help facilitate the process of learning how to turn on the car's heater. After the engine is on and it is idling, driving the car will help increase the warm-up process and the heating system will respond well when the car is being hit by the wind. 

A car heater won't be able to blow heat until the car's engine warms up a little. Modern cars typically take 5 minutes to warm up, whereas older cars, diesel-powered vehicles, and vehicles with large engines frequently take the longest.

How To Turn On Heater In Car Step 2: Set The Desired Temperature

How To Turn On Heater In Car

The second step in how to turn on the heater in a car is to adjust the car's internal temperature to the desired level of warmth. The temperature control method for cars varies depending on the brand and model. For modern cars, they'll have it on digital display, while for others, it's a simple toggle wheel mostly measured from 0 to 28⁰ C.

Some cars have two temperature control knobs, one for the passenger side and another for the driver's side. It's advisable to turn both knobs clockwise for the entire car to be heated. 

How To Turn On Heater In Car Step 3: Turn On The Fan Speed

On the car's dashboard, look for a fan icon (this is the car's heater) and turn it on. This will turn on the car's heating system. Always ensure you adjust the blower motor to your desired speed. 

Note that the heater button might differ just like your temperature control button. For some cars, it might be a button and for others a knob, but either way, it will always have a fan symbol next to it. That's all it takes to turn on the heater in your car. 

Now that you've known how to turn on the heater in your car, here are some other useful tips and user guides about car heaters. 

Some Factors to Consider When Your Heating System Fails

Here are some basic factors to take into consideration if you ever experience a failed heating system. 

Broken Thermostat

This is one of the most common reasons for heating system failure. After a certain period of usage, the capacity of the thermostat decreases because it's a worn-out part. A thermostat, as the English dictionary will define it, "is a device that automatically regulates temperature."

According to the principles of thermostat operation, it always allows cooling water to run through the engine. When a thermostat fails in cold weather, it will be very difficult for the car's engine to heat up, affecting the heating system's capacity. 

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The cooling system is filled with dirt.

You just can't be careful enough to prevent dirt from finding its way into the cooling system. Once the heater core is filled up with hot dust, it will be very difficult for hot air to be blown into the car. In order to fix this, thoroughly rinse the heater core several times in order to get all of the buildup and dirt out. 

The Blower Fan Has Stopped Working

Remember, the blower fan is responsible for circulating hot air around the car, and a damaged fan won't be able to push air from the heater core into the car's compartment. Once you notice or suspect a damaged blower fan, please make sure to visit the service center immediately to help you fix it. 

Damaged Heater Hose

The heater hose is in charge of transporting heated coolant from and to the heater core. Once it's damaged or has a leakage somewhere, it won't be able to supply the core with sufficient heated coolant, and in turn, the core won't be able to provide the desired warm air inside the car. 

Insufficient Car's Coolant

heating systems work alongside the car's coolants. The heating system won't function properly if there's a shortage of coolant within the system and there won't be sufficient fluid to heat up the heater core. Note that if this isn't fixed on time, it might lead to other issues in your car. It is advisable for you to always check coolant from time to time to ensure it's at its recommended level. 

Malfunctioning Controls

How To Turn On Heater In Car

Cars controls works perfectly fine when the car is new but after several years of usage these controls are subjected to malfunction. Although there's a low chance of your control button/knobs been responsible for heating system failure, you can still check it out while experience failed heating system failure.

FAQ On How To Turn On Heater In Car

Why is my car blowing cold air when the heater is on?

There are actually a few reasons for this, one of them might be that the thermostat is set too low which will result to the car to run the heater continuously in order to keep the temperature of the car up. Another reason why your car might be blowing cold air when the heater is on might be that there is a blockage in one of the cars air vents which will result in cold air been blown out.

Why won’t my heater in my car turn on?

There are some few reasons why your cars heater might not turn on, first it might be that the fuse of your car's heater is blown. This would request a new one to be installed in other for things to be normal again. Note that if fuse is blown and your car has been driven recently, there's a possibility that the wiring for the heater might have been damaged during the process. Lastly, if there's no power at all in the car, then the heater may not be able to work at all.

Why is my car not blowing hot or cold air?

It's troublesome when a car isn't blowing hot or cold air. One of the reason behind it could be that the air conditioning compressor isn't working. Another reason behind it could be that the air conditioning systems really needs to be serviced.

Is it safe to drive a car with no heat?

It's safe to hit the road with a car with no heat but it important that proper precautions are been taken to stay warm while driving mostly during cold seasons. Driving without heat in cold seasons might as well be difficult since your windshield might be covered with frost and it will be inconvenient for drivers to be cleaning frost off their windshield with wipers while driving at the same time.

Why is my heater blower not working?

There are a few possibility causes for a heater blower to stop working. The most common reason for it is that the motor has burned out. In this case you'll have to visit the service provider to help you fix in a new one. Other factors that can as well result to heater blower not working is a blocked air filter, which can be cleared by blowing compressed air through the filter.

How do car heaters work?

The mechanism of a car heater isn't as complicated as anyone would think. Air in the car is being heat up by a small engine. The warmer the air, the more the amount of energy used to heat it up.

How Can I Heat My Car Without a Heater?

If this thought has ever crossed your mind before it will be nice for you to take it off permanently because there's no safer way for you to heat your car without a heater. If you've seen any Life Hack videos or blog post that shows you an alternative to heat your car using any form of outside heat like whether electric, space heater or propane please be aware that that's a surefire way of setting your car and yourself on fire. In any thing you do, always remember "Safety First".

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