How To Recharge Crystals: 5 Methods And Tips

How To Recharge Crystals

Stones and crystals are gradually being recognized as one of the accent pieces used for home decor and this has called for the reason why it's users really need to know how to recharge crystals.

Crystals have been used not only as home decor these days but also in healing and meditation practices for thousands of years to the present day. Upon closer reflection, do crystals really have healing powers, as many believe?

Many crystal healers and certified meditation leaders have confirmed this. A crystal healer, Carol Boote, explained that crystals help reach a higher state of consciousness as well as offer protection and healing.

"Using crystals in meditation practice can deepen your meditation, provide an object of focus, and increase your awareness and awareness of your higher self," says Boote.

With thousands of people still practicing the use of crystals on a daily basis, there is a need for how crystals can be recharged that most users are unaware of. This blog post will enlighten you on several ways that you can use to charge your crystals for free or at a low cost.

How To Recharge Crystals

  1. Put Them Under The Full Moon
  2. Use Of Moon Water
  3. Bury Them In The Ground Or Sorround It With Plants
  4. Use Of Running Water
  5. Using Other Crystals

How To Recharge Crystals #1. Put Them Under The Full Moon

How To Recharge Crystals

Many people have misunderstood the power of the full moon. It is a powerful point in the lunar cycle and works wonders for those who understand it, including clearing and charging crystals.

This process will only cost you your time and patience. All you have to do is place your crystal on the ground overnight where the full moon can reflect on it without being overshadowed. This process helps charge crystals with lunar energy, which they absorb from the moon.

Note: This procedure only works when the moon is full.

How To Recharge Crystals #2. Use Of Moon Water.

How To Recharge Crystals

For those who are not patient enough for a full moon, you can use this method. All you have to do is make sure you have your own moon water.

Place the crystal in the moon water (which is powered by Lunar) for an hour or you can pour it on the crystal. This process is not applicable to all crystals. Always make sure you find out if the stone can get wet.

How To Recharge Crystals #3. Bury Them In The Ground Or Sorround It With Plants.

How To Recharge Crystals

Burying crystals is helpful in recharging crystals, although it is one of the least practiced methods. This process allows the crystals to recharge with the properties of the soil from which they came.

First, dig a small hole where the crystal will be buried. Get a clay pot and place the excavated soil in it. Get your crystal and bury it in the pot with the dirt you dug up earlier.

Bury the pot in the hole you dug, cover it with soil, and leave it there for at least a week. Make sure you mark the area you buried it in for easy identification.

You can also place your crystals in your garden or your field for them to be recharged.

How To Recharge Crystals #4. Use Of Running Water

Water is known for its ability to neutralize negative energy stored in crystals and send it back to Earth in return. Natural running water, such as a creek, works best for this method.

How To Recharge Crystals #5. Using Other Crystals

Other recharged crystals can also be used to recharge a crystal. To do this, you'll have to surround your crystal with well-charged crystals for 24 hours. This method will help your crystals absorb energy from the other crystals that surround them.

How To Remove Bad Energy From Crystal

This might sound confusing when compared to recharging crystals, but one thing you should note is that during the process of recharging your crystals or during usage (mostly during healing), there's every possibility that they have absorbed negative energy, which isn't healthy for your crystal either.

For this reason, there's also a need for one to know how to remove bad energy from crystals. Here's a short list of processes with which you can remove bad energy from your crystals.

1. Using Smoke

Smoke released from certain plants during burning is believed to contain purifying powers. Bathing your crystals with this smoke released by these plants during burning will certainly remove bad energy from them.


I. Get some sage sticks or incense and set a little fire on them. Make sure to make it smoky and not ablaze.

II. Hold your crystal above the smoke for a few minutes to help purify it.

2. Holy Water:

Alot of pentecostal, Orthodox, and Catholic churches that are tourist attractions often have holy water available for their visitors. Some of these waters, which are believed to be used for cleaning, can also be used to remove bad energy from crystals.


I. Get a wide bowl that can contain your crystals.

Place your crystals on it and pour the holy water on it until every part of the crystals is wet.

III. Remove your crystal from the bowl after two minutes and dry it off.

3. Salt

salt serves a lot of purposes and is also considered as a metaphysical purification tool. It can also be used in the purification of crystals. Listed below are three different methods by which you can use salt to purify your crystals.


I. Salt Circle: Get a cloth, board, or place your crystal on a non-permeable surface. Pour out your salt around your crystal by creating a circle around it with your salt. Leave your crystal for an hour or more.

II. Bury Crystal: Get a bow that is at least two times the height of your crystal. Bury your crystal in the bowl and fill the bowl with salt. Make sure to leave your crystal in the bowl for an hour.

III. Salt Water: Get a bowl big enough to accommodate your crystal, pour in some lukewarm water, and dissolve a teaspoon of salt in it. Place your crystal in the water for 5 minutes. Remove your crystal and rinse it with clean water (not salty). Clean it thoroughly with a clean towel to dry it off.

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