how to find out if someone likes you

Love is a beautiful thing, as many would describe it, and it takes less than a second to fall into it, but the fear of falling into the wrong hand has made a lot of people do their homework on "how to find out if someone likes you" before giving love a chance.

If you've never received a similar text like this in your life, it simply means you're one of the luckiest people on Earth. 
Character and manners can be very tricky these days since everyone who is in need of something is now a practitioner of humility and self-respect, but here are a few steps on how to find out if someone likes you.

How to find out if someone likes you #1. Physical closeness (proximity)

People who tend to be attracted to someone can't distance themselves from someone they genuinely like. There's always this need for them to keep a close range around them, which in turn helps to make them feel safe. 

If you check around, you might find more than two people who are actually close to you. In such a case, you might be confused about who actually likes you since you can't tell from your judgement. Don't be too quick to throw up your net; just hang on and continue reading this post for more info.

How to find out if someone likes you #2. They are tense around you.
Research has proven that there is a link between attraction and feelings of anxiety. That's why people easily get nervous, sweat, cold feet, or even blush when they see someone they like. 

You see most of these signs in males (mostly in high school).
Blushing is one of the most common signs of nervousness. It occurs as a result of an emotional trigger which results in the release of adrenaline in your body by your glands.

In return, the capillaries that carry blood to your skin have widened due to the effect of adrenaline on your nervous system. Since blood has been brought closer to the skin's surface, it causes you to blush, and guess what, it's something you just can't control (don't even think of stopping it).

How to find out if someone likes you #3. When Someone Likes You, They'll Always Find the Time to See You.

I guess everyone is aware of this, but one thing you should take note of is the fact that sometimes someone who you feel like you might not be able to find time to see you simply because of their work schedule, but nevertheless, if they still maintained a good communication level with you, it simply means they still desire you. 

Other times they might choose to see you once a week, three times a month or maybe 4-6. In such a case, always try to know the reason behind their distance and if it's worth it, always ask yourself if you can take it before you fall for it. Or still, you can keep your distance before you fall for them.

How to find out if someone likes you #4. Their body points towards you.

People always tend to point their feet in the direction of what interests them. 
There are over 7 billion people in the world and if you find someone pointing their feet at you, it doesn't really mean they love you, but instead they are most interested in the present moment and interaction with you. Well, that's a white flag. 

They might develop an interest in you if both parties keep the bubbles flinging in the air. Continuous eye contact is considered a sign of interest as well.

How to find out if someone likes you #5. They get jealous when you talk to other guys.

When someone likes you, he/she just wants to spend the whole time with you alone and feels jealous when they find you spending too much time with someone else.

They might not show their jealousy, but the silence and cold feet will announce it. When you frequent it and fail to show them reason to hold on, they might walk away without looking back.

How to find out if someone likes you #6. They ask if you have a partner. 

Someone who likes you won't ask you out directly but instead try to find out if you're single, and when you say yes, they are likely to let you know they're single too.
Guys without much confidence tend to use this strategy since they can't ask you out straight. 

Well, it's common with ladies who think you're talking too long to spill it out, and they feel the need to let you know they're single because they know fully well you'll ask them too after you've asked theirs. 

How to find out if someone likes you #7. They look for your reaction when they make a comment or joke.

When someone likes you, they try every possible means to make you smile and also ensure they don't piss you off with their actions. Whenever they're around you, they look out for your reaction when they make a joke or comment about something or someone.

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