5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid (Beginners Guild)

 Blogging can be a little bit tricky and confusing sometimes, especially when you are a newbie. You might want to go that extra mile just to be convinced that your blogging is doing well or growing. Well, that's good, but always consider the outcome of the extra effort you choose to input into your blog, if it's good or bad, and whether your visitors will find it interesting or not.

The theme, widgets, and, most importantly, your content are all to blame for the high bounce rate. All this is as a result of extra efforts that were misplaced. Here's a little tip for you on mistakes to avoid while blogging (Beginners Guild).

1. Traffic

It is really awkward to keep receiving a low number of visitors on your blog despite the fact that you always keep your blog updated daily, weekly, or even monthly. Low traffic rates have pushed a lot of newbies to engage in paid traffic. 

It might look nice from the beginning, until you run out of cash, then you will find out that there hasn't been any improvement when compared to the first month your blog was open. Here's the thing: Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was the blog of your menthol. If you ask around, you will keep hearing one thing, which is "It Takes Time."

Yes, time and effort are the primary factors of a blog's growth and not the other way round. For newbies who just got Google AdSense approval, you might want to engage in paid traffic to seek traffic from an unreliable source. Please bear in mind that you might lose your AdSense account for that.

What's the Way Out? 

Do SEO research. Go to YouTube to learn more about SEO and how to implement it on your blog. I'm sure you'll be amazed at the daily traffic you'll drive to your blog if you can master the art of SEO.

2. Plugins

There are hundreds of plugins out there, and with time, you will become acquainted with them. All of them might look attractive to you, but only install the ones that are most important for your blog and its visitors. Having your blog filled up with tons of plugins might distract your visitors from spending time on your blog, and that might be the last time they visit.

3. Grammatical Errors

Not all newbies actually have good writing skills, and if you're one of them, don't feel bad, just improve on yourself and, for the most part, you can try a lot of tools that will help you detect grammatical errors in your content and also help you get them corrected before publishing it on your blog. 

Here are some of the tools:

  • Grammerly
  • Quillbot
  • Proofreader
  • Grammer Checker
  • English Grammar and Spell Checker
  • Spelling Grammar Checker

Most of these tools operate on premium (paid) versions, while others, like Quillbot, have a free version which you can use if you can't afford any of the paid versions. Free versions offer the same functions, except that you will be limited to certain offers.

4. Lengthy paragraph

Long paragraphs are something you really need to get rid of while writing a blog post. No one wants to read a long sentence or long paragraph when they visit your blog. I bet you they will scroll down to check out the key points and they will miss it when they do because they don't know where it is inserted in your post.

When they don't find the key point, they will definitely leave and check for the blog nest. The easiest way to get your visitors to read your post from A-Z is by inserting a key point in every paragraph to keep them from getting bored, and also ensure that these paragraphs are not lengthy.

5. Open Statement

If your open statement isn't convincing enough or your visitors don't agree with it, it's a red flag. Your first 100 words in a blog should accommodate your keywords and also what your headline is pointing out. Bold points are expected of you in your first paragraph because that's what gives your visitors the conviction that your content is worth their time or not. 

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