4 Application That Affects Phones Speed


No one likes a glitch on his or her gadgets, but what is more annoying than that is a sluggish phone. Hundreds of people keep experiencing this on a daily basis without figuring out what the cause might be, while others have chosen to believe that the phone's integrated circuit must be the cause.

Sorry to say, but most of the time, you are the source of the problem.

The SSC Tuatara is considered the fastest car in the world currently(top speed of 316.11mph), on second thought do you believe that it would be that fast if it is been used as a towing vehicle? The answer is "no," which simply means the tons of apps you choose to load your phone with are one of the major reasons behind its sluggishness.

NOTE: Not all apps have the tendency to slow down your phone, which is why I will be highlighting some of these apps that are capable of doing so.

1. Bloatware (Apps that come pre-installed)

These are applications that are included on a device by the manufacturer before sales. Bloatware, or pre-installed apps as it is generally called, has the capacity to run in the background, thereby slowing down your device.

Most of these apps are not useful and might not be used during your device's lifetime. It would be wise to get rid of them by uninstalling them so as to increase your phone's space and speed, but a few of them can't be easily uninstalled.


2. Apps for Social Media

Social media apps can be considered a treat for your phone's speed despite being as interesting as they are. Often times, they run in the background with or without your permission just to keep you updated with notifications they think might interest you just to bring you back to the app.

Snapchat and Messenger are two of the worst due to their constant updates and pop-up notifications you will always find in your notification bar. Instagram and Facebook are not left out either, while Twitter is not considered to pose more of a treat like the others.

3. Mobile Games

game lover is aware of this except for newbies. Small games like "Water Color Sort" demand little space for them to function, which in turn doesn't affect the phone's speed, but other games like "UBG MOBILE" and "Grand Teft" take a lot of space and with time increase the space they occupy on your device. When your phone runs out of space, these games can slow your phone's performance.

4. Apps for Cleaning

Most of the time, some of these cleaning apps come along with malware, which is a treat for your device performance. Cleaning apps is believed to be very protective against viruses and also helps to clean up phone storage and bloat, but it is the other way round.

Some of these cleaning apps have access to your device data without your permission while running in the background. It's wise to choose wisely while making the selection of which cleaning apps to use on your device.

How to Check Which Apps Are Slowing Your Phone Down

It might interest you to know which app is slowing down your phone just to get rid of it if it's of no important use. For Android devices, follow this step.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Got o storage
  • You'll find RAM and internal shared storage. Click on RAM.
  • Scroll down, select Memory Used By Apps.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner and select "sort by max use."
  • All applications will be listed in descending order of RAM used.

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