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pop it phone case

Selecting a new phone case for your phone might be a little bit trickier than you expected simply because the variety of designs out there in the retail shops all look perfectly OK in your eyes. Here's a little something for you to check out for "pop it phone case".

Pop it phone cases are currently one of the phone cases with a wide range of products available for iPhone, Android, Samsung, and other devices.At the same time, it is one of the most searched phone cases on Google. I guess that gives you more reasons to check it out. Before getting one for yourself, here are some things to know.

Who Invented the Pop It Phone Case?

Pop it phone cases were invented by David Barnett, the founder of PopSockets LLC (an electronics accessory company that specializes in the production of removable grips for smartphones). David founded his company in 2012 with the aim of producing iPhone 4 phone cases. PopSockets. Just eight months after announcing his company's aim, David announced that he would be producing an iPhone 5 phone case instead of the iPhone 4 as he had stated earlier.

PopSockets LLC has since grown from developing phone cases for just iPhone 5 users to becoming the second fastest growing company in the United States in 2018. They now own production facilities in Mexico, China, Seattle, and South Korea.

Do Pop-it Phone Cases Work?

As the name implies, phone case lovers who haven't used or seen a Pop It phone case before might want to be sure if they really work. The answer is yes, they do work. You can easily pop and unpop the bubbles on the back anytime you're bored, but a few reviews on Amazon did claim that some of its products don't pop up after being pressed. You can read some of the reviews here.

How Much Does a Pop It Case Cost?

The prices for pop-it cases vary depending on the actual product. You can get one for between $10 and $15 for your phone, while pop-it cases for tablets cost between $15 and $25. You can check Amazon for updated prices.

What To Look For Before Buying A Pop It Phone Case

Designs: Like I stated earlier, there are numerous pop it phone case designs and selecting one might be a little bit messy, but I'll advise you to always pick those with the designs of characters inscribed on them because those plain colors of pop it cases can be a little bit boring most of the time.

Pops: Reviews on Amazon have given the second impression that pop-it case lovers should always pop their desired phone case to check if it will pop out before purchase. If it doesn't and you're still pretty comfortable with that, then you can proceed with the payments.

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